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Colour Farm Workshop

Colour Farm Workshop

From 25 August - 2 September a shipping container is made home to a colour farm on Newhaven’s West Beach. Julia Bush experiments in the temporary colour garden with woad, indigo and madder as well as shrubs and plants. Inside, landscape paintings by Nicholas Bush are interpretations of Newhaven and the English Channel.

Nicholas and Julia Bush will lead a workshop on growing, drawing and depicting the surrounding landscape, using colour in many forms including plants and natural pigments including chalk, indigo and local flora. Please bring a white handkerchief with you to dye.  


Open 12-17:00

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Film : The Garden (1990)- Derek Jarman

The Garden (1990) - Derek Jarman

Derek Jarman once compared his garden and the bleak landscape around his house in Dungeness, Britain’s only desert, to the Garden of Eden. In his film ‘The Garden’ this landscape forms the backdrop for a loose narrative that focuses on homsexuality and Christianity - connected to Jarman’s own subjective musings on these subjects - tempered by the reality of his own mortality, coming after his HIV/AIDS diagnosis.

Hillcrest Community Centre

11 August, 19:00


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