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Bird Bath

  • St Michaels Church 36 Second Avenue BN9 9HN (map)


For all of Newhaven Festival from Saturday 17th till Sunday 1st September St. Michael’s church is being transformed into a restorative space to bathe in the sound of Newhaven birdsong.

A return of the amazingly popular Bird Bath sound scape. This FREE event is back by popular demand! Sit in silence in the beautiful 12th century Norman church from morning ‘till evening and bathe in the surround-sound of birds. Field recordings from Newhaven acoustic artist Alice Eldridge, taken in the hills, cliffs and woodlands surrounding our town. The brainchild of Alistair Appleton .

Just come and enjoy for as little or as long as you wish.

There’s no extra info, no chatting, no interactions necessary. Just a longing for some still time in this architectural jewel of the town.


10.30am - 5.30pm Monday - Saturday

11.30-5.30 Sunday

You can now download this amazing soundscape by clicking on the link above.

Bird Bath is a collaboration between musician and ecoacoustician Dr Alice Eldridge and meditation teacher Alistair Appleton. It is a simple idea: beautiful buildings are open to the public and filled with field recordings of birdsong. Visitors are invited to sit peacefully and bathe in the sound of birds, staying for as long or as little as they like.

Bird Bath premiered at the 2018 Newhaven Festival in St Michael's Church and was presented again in 2019. Newhaven field recordings were made on the cliffs and woods around Newhaven Town, East Sussex in spring 2018 using a Wildlife Acoustics SM4. Approximate times and locations are as follows:

0 - 10 mins 03.00h Castle Hill Reserve
10 - 25 mins 04.00h Newhaven Community garden
25 - 35 mins 05.00h Castle Hill Reserve
35 - 45mins 21.00h Bollen's Bush Reserve
45 - 60mins 21.00h Bollen’s Bush Reserve

Many visitors to Bird Bath Newhaven expressed an interest in listening to the birdsong at home, for meditation, relaxation or simple acoustic pleasure. This is for you.