Our very first Arts Festival here in Newhaven recognises the great amount of talent here in our town, both in terms of culture and creativity. This is something all of us should celebrate and encourage.
— Paul Boswell - Mayor of Newhaven


Newhaven Town Council is launching an annual celebration of its town to coincide with Artwave.

diepe-haven festival also has events in Newhaven up to August 31st


Our Mission

To gather together all the creative talent and community spirit in Newhaven and ongoing, celebrate with events that have been supported by the town. Helping individuals and groups express their creativity, gain knowledge of their practise and build the confidence to move forward with their ideas that add to our creative cluster, promote enterprise in the arts and celebrate our industrial town. 


The Council welcomes applications from individuals and groups who may need some help and support to bring their ideas to fruition. Including help with venues, publicity, mentoring & partnerships. No idea too small. Just come and meet the team.

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